A lot has happened since last May. I bought a house, went on vacation, moved, did lots of home improvement projects, got a new roof, got the dogs new haircuts, etc. It’s been super busy, but I’ve also spent a lot of time disconnecting from some of my electronics, hence the long gap in posting. […]

Edge of Twenty-Eight

I have been in sort of a funk. I think it will get better with some sunshine and vitamin D. I have been on a huge Stevie Nicks kick this last week. Well, and AC/DC and reggae fusion. My brain is weird. But they all help the lab work go by super fast.

I got […]

C’mon Baby, Light Mah Fiyah

This week’s been tough and super busy at work, but going to bed early has been helping me stay ahead of getting the plague that has been circulating. Luckily, I have good friends, like Normand and Remmers, to whine and paw at me for encouragement (or is it food they want??).

There’s also my special […]